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Available 15.08.2023

1st edition in English language 2023


With color pictures & music download: Lieder der Saligen

Format A5, 288 pages


ISBN: 978-3-75781050-4


What does a legend from the Alps have to do with one of the oldest Sanskrit mantras from the Himalayas?

Nothing and yet everything!


SO HAM – from Sanskrit language meaning: „I AM“ SO HAM - from local dialect in the Austrian Alps „SO HOME“ Bliss – in times marked by fear, crisis and wars, is this possible? Lovebelle, the Blisslady from Lake Weissensee in the Austrian Alps shows us. She is not an enraptured fairy creature, as depicted in some legends, but a woman of fl esh and blood who lived in the Upper Carinthian mountains during the years of clandestine Protestantism around 1775. She experiences the abysses of human cruelty, abuse and torture. Nevertheless, she has a secret which helps her to develop an extraordinary mastery of crisis and trauma, as well as a status of mind enhanced by an inner music and an enthusiastic childlike sense of imagination and creativity. Facing new challenges in present days, maybe the Blisslady of Lake Weissensee can not only comfort, but also encourage, inspire or even heal us.

A novel based on an old legend from the Carinthian mountains.

With download of original music in local dialect:

The Songs of the Blisslady.


Recommended age rating: 16 years




SO HAM - The Secret of the Blisslady

Artikelnummer: REBR0001004
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